Tribal Bellydance Saye-Gosha

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Traditionally these gorgeous hand embroidered textiles from Uzbekistan are used to decorate bed rolls which are hung from the side of a yurt when not in use during the day. This particular textile (circa 1980's) consists of four separate pieces which have been stitched together for the full effect. The main panel is a black cotton backing with silk embroidery - the alternating white & yellow flowers are separated by red & hot pink motifs. This section is about 2 3/4" across. Attached to both side of it are two hand woven bands which measure an inch across. These bands have been cross stitched in a repeating motif using yellow, red & white silk threads. Lastly, the bottom edge has been finished off with a dark green crocheted strip which has been embellished with tiny black and white tassels.

The floral embroidered area, with its cross stitched edges, measures 25 1/2" inches along each side of the V (the outside edges). It measures 21" per side when measured along the inside of the V. The crocheted strip is 2 1/2" wide extends for 22" along each side of the V. The textile is in very good condition with no visible fading. Two of the white flowers are a bit dingy but it is hard to notice unless you’re really looking for it. The overall color palette is quite striking and this textile would make a fabulous tribal belly dance belt if you were to sew ties onto the ends. Or separate the individual pieces and use them to embellish a tribal dance bra or headband.

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