Embroidered Panels with Metal Sequins


This matching pair of vintage textiles (circa 1980's) originates from Uzbekistan and the hand embroidery work is beautifully done – each panel is perfectly symmetrical with the other. The black cotton base is embroidered with silk thread in bright yellow & fuchsia pink with bits of ivory, red & emerald green. This decorated portion measures 4" wide by 17" long and the total length of each panel is 27" long.

The sides are trimmed with ivory crocheted scallops and a there is a 3 1/2" long crocheted band along the bottom which is finished with metal discs – old school sequins! More of these discs are scattered about the panels as well. They are still brightly colored with just a bit of wear along the edges. The color of the sequins along the bottom band however, has mostly worn off but they still reflect the light quite nicely!

Ethnic textiles like this can make a great side panels for your tribal dance costuming. For a colorful accent, bustle up the sides of your 25 yard skirt and tuck it into the top of your waistband. Lift up the hem of your skirt and fold the top of each panel over the tucked portion area of you skirt. Use a large safety pin or a bulldog clip to hold it in place. The top of the panel and clip/pin will not be visible once you drop the hem of your skirt back down over it.

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