Specialty Workshops for American Tribal Style® Students

Dancing in the Flow® at Hamilton's Elysium Tribal Bellydance StudioDancing in the Flow® 
ATS® dancers of all levels are welcome to attend this specialty class, which is based on the format of 'All dance - no talk!' Once the class begins, there will be no verbal communication. There will be none of the usual group formations or leader changes, no dance partners or technique drills. Participants simply follow the instructors movements and enjoy! The driving force behind the Flow® concept is responding to the music without thinking.
The hour long class divided into four 15 minute segments with a quiet water break in between. During the first segment the brain will chatter as the students become used to dancing continuously. During the second, the brain will begin to relax. During the third period of dance, the brain will finally decide to take a vacation to allow the body to enjoy moving. Finally, during the last segment, you will dance on auto-pilot and slip into pure bliss. Participants are encouraged to remain silent as they leave in order to maintain their meditative state. Check here for current class schedule.

Formations Flow® 
ATS® dancers of all levels are welcome to join this class where our goal is focused discipline of the mind while dancing within a group. It's an opportunity to foster your ability to remain calm and present in the moment. It's 'All dance, No talking, No stopping, No matter what!'
Three times over, we'll dance to a 15 minute set of music with a particular focus in mind (fading moves or seamless transitions with the chorus, for example). While dancing in the various ATS® formations we'll organically change the leader, and if any moments of confusion occur, we'll silently regroup and keep moving. After each set there will be a 5 minute water break to briefly share our observations. Any major technicalities that need clarification, we'll make a note and discuss it after the last set. Check here for current class schedule.


Handmade Tribal Bras and Belts
Get the perfect fit then discover how to embellish your costume pieces with tribal bits and baubles!
The next 2 hour workshop is TBA.

Hair gardens, Hats, Headbands and More 
From flowers to the classic Fez, explore your options for covering your noggin ATS® style!
The next 2 hour workshop is TBA. 

Make Your Own Tribal Style Pantaloons 
Take home a basic pantaloon pattern and learn about variations of this quintessential costume piece.
The next 2 hour workshop is TBA.
Performance Makeup
Discover how to put your best dance face forward with essential product knowledge and application advice.  
The next 2 hour workshop is TBA.