Bunches of Beaded Belt Bases! February 23, 2017 14:31

Belt bases for tribal style bellydance costumingCheck out these versatile belt bases that are new to the costuming boutique! They are covered in shiny rows of domed turkoman buttons, old kuchi coins and embossed metal amulets. Add a couple ties to them for a basic tribal style bellydance hip belt. Attach a pair of beaded medallions to the ends for a fancier look or to increase the overall length if need be. If you are crafty, cut them up into pieces to decorate a tribal bellydance bra!

Tribal style bellyance Bra and Belt made from kuchi textile Many times I've used belt bases to make matching tribal style bellydance bra and belt sets. I've found there is usually enough textile to divide into three pieces. Two strips can be used to edge both bra cups and the remainder can be made into a front panel for a two part hip belt which ties on the sides. I have one favorite back panel with some pretty fantastic tassels on it. Then I have a number of front panels to match every one of my bras. Super coordinated!