Yet another one... February 28, 2015 02:05

Bellydance studio decor - Moroccan lanternThere's always room for another lantern in the dance studio! Honestly, I can't get enough of them. My weekend project is to wire this little lovely up and make it into a sweet swag lamp.

This Moroccan lantern came to me by way of Baraka - la botida del marroc in Barcelona. My original plan was to have it mounted in the center of the ceiling, flanked by the existing matching pair of studio lanterns from Marrakesh. But lately I've noticed one particular corner of the studio always seemed a bit shadowy. Now, there's atmospheric shadowy and gloomy shadowy...the first variety I can live with, but not the later. Gloomy spot would have to go and it's Barcelona lantern to the rescue!  

A quick trip to my local Home Depot and a handy All-In-One swag lamp wiring kit later, I'm well on my way to better decor!  A slight issue presented itself when I could only find a kit with bright silver chain in it. I got out my trusty artist colors and dabbed away until the chain links were in the same world as the metal on the lantern itself. I'm going to frost the clear glass panels to diffuse the light and apply a rust stop clear coat to preserve the metal. When everything is dry I'll figure out the placement of the ceiling hooks and wire up the socket. Once it's hung in place I'll plug it in to behold it's illuminated loveliness!