Busy, busy, busy. December 14, 2014 15:34

Just days to go before Xmas and I'm up to my eyeballs in html code and meta descriptions. It's a lot of work, but I'm really excited to have everything under one website roof - my dance class info, performance dates, and costuming pretties. 

Oh yes, the shiny bits of metal, the hand embroidered textiles, the bead work, the gleaming mirrors...I love it all!  It makes me happy just to have their worldly energy around me. There were only about 30 items available in my Tribally Inspired shop on Etsy, when I took it offline. I put it into 'holiday mode' as I focused on renovating our old house, before we sold it to move to a different city. In the past few months I've acquired a lot more merchandise. I have at least 200 items to photograph, measure, weigh, describe and post! My dance studio will double as a photography studio during the hours I'm not teaching a class.

Yes, I'm busy. But not the stressed out, overwhelmed kind of busy. I'm happy busy and that's the best kind.