Dancing in the Flow® Class Playlist - February 7, 2016 February 7, 2016 21:19

ATS® Dancing in the Flow® classes are based on the class format of 'All dance – No talk!'. I dance as the participants mirror my movements and we all get lost in the music!  The driving force behind the class format is to respond to the music without thinking. The lack of verbal communication allows us to quiet the mind to just move and sweat and enjoy! This week we blissed out to these tunes:

Set 1
Arawan by Tinarawen
Heeme by Etran Finatawa
The Gathering by Afrit Temple
Set 2
Beloved by Jesse Cook
Qimmikuluapik by Francois Couture
Ala Ein by The Minyawi Project
Elila Farh by Hicham Katir Orchestra
Set 3
Sandstorm by Naked Rhythm
El Zai (1001 Nights Retro Remix) by 1001 NIGHTSociety
Filii Neidhardi by Corvus Corax
Set 4
La Khabar by Anita
Your Bewitching Eyes (Carmen Rizzo Remix) by Loga Ramin Torkian
Szai Dzela by Dikanda