Elysium Tribal - American Tribal Style® Belly Dance

Elysium Tribal is a certified FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio and the first to offer weekly ATS® belly dance classes in Hamilton. Feel welcomed into our Moroccan inspired studio and let it become your dance haven.

Our studio boutique contains beautiful merchandise from Tribally Inspired, previously found on Etsy, and now available from our online catalog. Whether you're looking for Kuchi jewelry, silk tassels, Rabari choli tops, beaded medallions or Turkoman buttons, it's all fabulous costuming for fabulous bellydancers!

The Elysium Tribal performance troupe is an exciting dance collective that will entertain and inspire you! American Tribal Style® dance combines the graceful femininity of Bellydance and the passionate strength of Flamenco and wraps it in layers of ethnic adornment. Let Elysium Tribal dazzle your guests for your next event!